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About Us

During the short route from the city of Kos to Lofaki, one turn of the road after another, the landscape in front of you gets more and more impressive as you climb up the road. When you arrive, you start walking though the carefully landscaped garden until you reach the restaurant's terrace and watch the view in all its brilliance: Right in front of you the city Kos and the coast of Turkey. On your left you can see the villages of Tigaki and Marmari as well as the islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos.

You choose any one of our tables, as they all share the same amazing view and get yourself a glass of wine. With the first “cheers” the sun begins to set and paints the sky with marvellous purple and orange colours. You move your seat slightly, trying to get an even better view of the stunning sunset as the sun fades away between the islands. Moments later, the lights in Kos and Bodrum turn on, one after another, creating a romantic night landscape.

Welcome to Lofaki. A place we created to help you create your most vivid summer memories!

A family-run business, run by Vassilis and Froso, inspired by their love for the scenery and aiming to share the beautiful landscape of Kos, blending it with local cuisine and traditional flavours, as well as polite and attentive service.